The Learning Continues. . .

THE FALL OF 2020 AND BEYOND BRINGS WITH IT MANY UNKNOWNS. One thing, however, is clear—whatever form in which school takes place, students at Emerson School will be assured the same high-quality education that our school has delivered since our inception in 1973. Our small class sizes and independence allow us a greater degree of flexibility in these uncertain times. We have proven that if and when the situation arises we are able to translate our approach to a virtual environment and back again while still delivering on our mission to provide a whole-child, multiple method approach to instruction for gifted and for academically talented students.

Our Plan for Fall 2020

After serious thought and consideration from our Board of Trustees and our Head of School, we have come to the decision that it is best to begin the first month of the school year in a fully remote setting. All students, grades Young 5 through 8, will be engaged in remote learning from Tuesday, September 8, through Friday, October 2. To complement remote learning, faculty will develop on-campus, outdoor, small group opportunities, recognizing that children simply need to connect and be with other children in order to thrive.

As circumstances around the presence of COVID-19 in the community change, we will continue to follow the best advice of medical and public health experts. We will be nimble and flexible in the face of new conditions and information. Our senior leadership, along with our Board of Trustees will continue to evaluate conditions and information to assess when it is safe to offer our families an in-person learning option.