The Learning Continues. . .

THE FALL OF 2020 AND BEYOND BRINGS WITH IT MANY UNKNOWNS. One thing, however, is clear—whatever form in which school takes place, students at Emerson School will be assured the same high-quality education that our school has delivered since our inception in 1973. Our small class sizes and independence allow us a greater degree of flexibility in these uncertain times. We have proven that if and when the situation arises we are able to translate our approach to a virtual environment and back again while still delivering on our mission to provide a whole-child, multiple method approach to instruction for gifted and for academically talented students. See the resources below to learn more about our robust planning for the 2020-2021 school year.

Fall Re-Entry Action Plan

Our Re-Entry Action Plan responds to the challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19. This plan ensures to the greatest degree achievable that our practices and policies will keep all who enter the building safe and healthy. Our Action Plan is guided by recommendations made by those in the medical community with expertise, and they will be affected by state-directed executive orders. The Action Plan, once implemented, will be adjusted and modified as-needed based on these recommendations.

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Health & Safety Plan

Our Health & Safety Plan includes the overarching plans developed by Emerson School for Fall 2020, should we be in Phase 4 of the MI Safe Start Plan. We will be complying not only with the Required items from the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, but also with many of the Strongly Recommended items as well. Although this document is fairly detailed, there are still unknowns, and we will need to be flexible as state and local governments require.

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